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5 Q’s for 5 moms: AMANDA

5 Q’s for 5 moms: AMANDA

I wanted to ask 5 moms I admire to share how their life is right now, the highs, the lows, everything in-between. We’ve never been through something like this and as we navigate the “new normal”, I hope sharing stories like these will allow us to feel connected. Although most of us are not fully isolated, life is not the same as it was at the start of 2020. For some of us, restrictions are starting to lift but for others, second outbreaks have been popping up in the community around them. One way or another, we are all impacted by COVID-19.⁣

This week's mama is Amanda from @arborandwood. I only came across Amanda's account a couple of weeks back (thanks for the reco @kathbordignon and @natassia_valli) and I was instantly drawn to not only the aesthetics of her feed, but what she stands for. ⁣
Based in Wisconsin, she is a proud Queer WOC and Mom of 4. She is a womens rights advocate and radical feminist who speaks up about injustices in our BIPOC and LGBTIQA+ communities. Amanda shows that sharing beautiful images and speaking up about social change can be synonymous. You don't have to have one or the other, it can be both. ⁣
As per Amanda's request, a donation has been made to Black Lives Matter, which is something she asks of all brands she is collaborating with. To me, this spoke volumes about the kind of person she is, she not only talks the talk but she walks the walk. Thank you Amanda for being a part of the series and for being the phenomenal advocate for change that you are.⁣
1. What does your day-to-day look like currently?⁣

Ironically our day to day hasn't changed much! We are a homeschool family, so our life is very "home centered" regardless. We have kept a paired down version of our school routine through the summer just to keep the days structured. In the afternoons we get outdoors for a hike or nature study. Our evenings are spent relaxing as a family. There have been lots of extra movie and game nights which have been a blessing. ⁣

2. How do you prioritize taking care of yourself while also caring for your family?⁣

I'm terrible at making time for self-care! I try to find small moments of quiet in the day. Lately I have been getting up early and going for a sunrise walk with my youngest. Doing so totally centers my day. I'm a big believer in small luxuries. Self care is a beautiful new candle, a chapter of a good book, or listening to jazz while making dinner.⁣

3. Are you dressing or shopping for your kids any differently now, compared to pre covid-19?⁣

We are absolutely shopping less! Pre-covid, I was just starting to explore the concept of sustainable fashion and had begun the process of swapping my fast fashion addiction for shopping second hand. So in that respect, it made the transition easier. In the early days of quarantine, I was definitely embracing lounge wear, but I think we have gotten to a point where our new normal surprisingly feels quite familiar. ⁣


4. What do you find most challenging about living in these times? 

The biggest challenge by far has been helping my children to navigate through a world that very much feels uncertain....and sometimes unsafe. Children absorb our anxieties, so as parents, we must keep our own emotions in check. That is something I struggle with. They very much know that the world is different. We try to talk about it openly and help them to process through as best we can.⁣

5. What do you want to remember from this time? ⁣

I want to remember how resilient we were. This is a moment in history; we are living through a once in a lifetime event...and we are trying every day to make the best of it. My children are learning values that they will carry with them throughout life. Protect your neighbor. Compassion for others. An awareness that we are all connected. Hope. These are powerful lessons that can only be gained through lived experience.⁣

Thankyou so much for being a part of the series Amanda!

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