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5 Q’s for 5 moms: BETHANY MENZEL

5 Q’s for 5 moms: BETHANY MENZEL

Although restrictions are starting to lift more and more, I wanted to ask 5 moms I admire to share how their life is right now, the highs, the lows, everything in-between. We’ve never been through something like this before and as we navigate the “new normal”, I hope sharing stories like these will allow us to feel connected, as things begin to resume and we open up our bubble.⁣

This weeks mama is the one and only @bethanymenzel. A quick glance at Bethany’s feed and you’ll be instantly drawn into her beautifully curated home, impeccable personal style and seriously cute kiddos. I love everything she does! Bethany shares amazing ideas of things to do with your kids (and has a super handy printable activity list if you’re into that kinda thing). Her guide to cutting Boys hair is something I’m definitely going to review once Eitan’s hair is long enough! So let’s get this started and ask Bethany 5 q’s...⁣
⁣⁣ 1. What does your day-to-day look like currently?⁣

I wake up about 30 min before the kids to read & pray so I can start my day on a good note, followed by a pretty slow breakfast/getting ready in an hour or two, I'm really not rushing our mornings right now, which has been one of my favourite changes to the daily routine. ⁣
Once we have pulled ourselves together we do a bit of schooling for Poppy, and free play time for the kids. If the weather is nice we spend the majority of the rest of the day out of the house. I spend what feels like hours gathering all of our beach toys, pack lunches, helmets on and then we bike around to different parks and beaches until it's time to come home, bathe off the outdoors, watch a little TV and pull a dinner together. ⁣
In the midst of that I use any down time to answer emails, give attention to social media, and creating content. 

2. How do you prioritize taking care of yourself while also caring for your family?⁣

I kind of feel like the two of those go hand in hand these days. If the kids/home/meals are under control, I can feel far more at rest. We always put our kids to bed at 7pm and try not to spend time working after that most nights, so that is definitely my recharge time. ⁣

3. Are you dressing or shopping for your kids any differently now, compared to pre covid-19?⁣

I actually feel like I am shopping more, but I think that is because we have transitioned seasons. But I'm far more conscious to shop local as I think most people are. When the economy and smaller businesses are in a fragile state I want to be more intentional about where I spend my money, I'm glad I've had this time to make that more of a habit in my shopping because I will continue it even when this is all over. ⁣

4. What have you been doing differently during this time that you plan to carry through when we resume life as “normal”?⁣

Having that extra time allowed to plan our weekly meals & groceries, not going to the store every day actually made our hours leading up to dinner a lot easier. Meal planning was a routine I had fallen out of. But doing larger grocery shops and having what we need for the entire week is definitely something I will do my best to keep up, one more little thing that gives daily peace of mind. ⁣

5. What do you want to remember from this time? 

Living in the moment. Nothing feels rushed right now, everything moves a little slower and there is no schedule to keep. I would like to find a balance to maintain that as best I can once our calendar starts filling up again.

Thanks so much for sharing with us @bethanymenzel!

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