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5 Q’s for 5 moms: JEN TAM

5 Q’s for 5 moms: JEN TAM

This is the second week of our 5-part series called 5 Q’s for 5 moms: isolation edition.⁣⁣
I wanted to ask 5 moms I admire to share how their life is right now, the highs, the lows, everything inbetween - and above all else to show that although we’re apart, we’re very likely going through the same kinda things.⁣⁣

This weeks mama is Jen from @herwaisechoice. I’ve known Jen for quite a few years and consider her to be one of the OG Vancouver bloggers. We’ve caught up at many events over the years (pre-coronavirus of course) and I have to say she’s the most genuine, thoughtful and sweet person. It’s been wonderful to see her navigate pregnancy, welcoming Miles to the world, enjoying mat leave and most recently navigating life as a working mom. I’m really inspired by Jen’s commitment to slow fashion and the way she shops for Miles. So let’s kick things off...⁣

1. What does your day-to-day look like currently?⁣

My partner and I have been lucky enough to both be working full time jobs from home during covid. Our 20 month old is home with us, so right now we take turns doing hour long blocks with him during the day, make the most of his nap times, and work in the early morning and evening. It’s a bit of a frenzy most days, but overall I’ve actually enjoyed being at home and getting to see my family so much. ⁣

2. How do you prioritize taking care of yourself while also caring for your family?⁣

I’ve been making it a priority to move each day - whether it’s with a quick 20 minute HIIT workout, a jog outside, or a good stretching/yoga routine before bed. It clears my mind, increases my energy levels, and makes me feel strong - all essential things for being the best I can be for my family.⁣

3. Are you dressing or shopping for your son any differently now, compared to pre covid-19?⁣

Miles wears almost all secondhand clothes, and I’ve been pretty good about shopping a season/size ahead for him whenever we’ve come across something good... so I haven’t needed to shop yet. ⁣

He is dressing the same now as he was pre-covid: on the daily he wears a @simply_merino set and thrifted outerwear/shoes. I’m excited to be able to thrift again though, because we don’t have any cooler weather clothes for him come fall yet! ⁣

4. What do you find most challenging about living in these times?

Although I’m a hard introvert and have probably adjusted to the time alone more easily than the average person, I miss our parents, siblings, and having Miles be able to play with his cousins. Another challenging aspect is feeling like the work day doesn’t really end when it has to be spread throughout the day.

5. What do you want to remember from this time?

We’ve been going on daily family adventures in nature before dinner and it’s been so special. We moved to Burnaby from Vancouver a year and a half ago, and haven’t really learned to love the area until now. We’ve bonded over discovering a lot of beautiful local spots and I want to remember how happy Miles has been to be able to be together so often.

Thanks for being a part of our series Jen!

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