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Today we are kicking off the first of a 5-part weekly series called 5 Q’s for 5 moms: isolation edition.⁣
I wanted to ask 5 moms I admire to share how their life is right now, the highs, the lows, everything inbetween - and above all else to show that although we’re apart, we’re very likely going through the same kinda things.⁣

First cab off the rank is Katherine Bordignon @kathbordignon. Honestly, when I first came across Katherine’s profile I thought.. where have you been all my life!? Katherine’s IG stories crack me up, she’s real, she’s raw and in a IG world that feels like it’s easy to get account fatigue, she’s a breathe of fresh air!⁣
Katherine shares her honest journey of what it’s like being a mom of 4 girls... ⁣

1. What does your day-to-day look like currently?⁣

It’s been quite an adjustment but we have finally settled into a comfortable routine:⁣

BREAKFAST / FREE PLAY / FAMILY WALK **while the kiddos are eating I quickly do my hair and make up and get dressed into something a little less quarantine friendly ;)⁣

**doing homeschool while little ones nap has allowed me to really focus on my big girls and after I reset the house from the morning craziness I am able to be a better, more present & patient Mom! ⁣

** things always feel intense around this time but once my husband gets home I let out a few sighs of relief.. ⁣
**we choose something to do together as a family and lately that’s been watching a movie - getting outside in nature - or going for a drive to watch the sunset!⁣
**once the night is over and everyone is tucked into their beds (sometimes for the 5th time) Anthony and I make tea and snuggle up for a movie or show. ⁣

....and REPEAT⁣

2. How do you prioritize taking care of yourself while also caring for your family?⁣

As a mother of 4 it can feel really challenging to “put myself first” but I find when I am intentional about nourishing my mind, body & soul... everyone in the family benefits. With that being said, I think taking care of myself looks different each day - sometimes it’s as simple as getting full glam and other times its staying in pj’s, looking a hot mess and completely forgetting about my routine - either way.. staying in tune with my needs/capacities, praying, reading God’s Word and getting quality time with my husband (sans kids) help me to be the best mother and wife I can be! ⁣


3. Are you dressing or shopping for your kids any differently now, compared to pre covid-19?⁣

Definitely! I have filled less carts (both real and online haha) since Covid-19 and to be honest it’s been refreshing. Not only that but I have really tried to scale down each of their wardrobes to create capsule looks - it’s always hard with kids because they grow so fast but the benefits to having so many is there’s always pieces ready to pass down to the next ;) ⁣

4. What do you find most challenging about living in these times?⁣

I think for us it’s been the isolation from family. Both my husband and I come from large family’s with many siblings each and we are all incredibly close - not being able to gather, eat together, hug each other or enjoy those spontaneous visits has been the hardest on us! We also miss our church family so much! Online services have been a great way to connect but there is so much beauty and spiritual power in gathering together that we can’t wait to get back to! ⁣

5. What do you want to remember from this time?⁣

I think we have all been taught some very valuable lessons in the midst of Covid and for me specifically it’s been learning how to let go of “control” and trust in God’s plan even when it has felt eerie or uncomfortable - I want to remember that even in the hardest moments He was there walking the world through loss, death, pain, sadness, gain, hope, joy AND healing!⁣

Thanks for being a part of our series Kath! @kathbordignon

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